Rue Mademoiselle - Canvas Tote Bag

Rue Mademoiselle - Canvas Tote Bag

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This 15th arrondissement street was progressively set up between 1863 and 1881 (although parts of it date back to 1804) and stretches from rue des Entrepreneurs to the corner of rue Cambronne and rue Lecourbe.

The street was named after Mademoiselle, daughter of the Duke of Berry, who attended with the Duchess of Angoulême, her aunt, to the laying of the foundation stone for the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle church, in September 1827.

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  • Made from 100% cotton canvas this bag features reinforced shoulder straps. 
  • Available in a natural cream colour. 
  • One size - the main body measures 38cm x 40cm.